Panasonic EW3152W Reviews

The Panasonic EW3152W Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor Reviw – The Panasonic EW3152W Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor is a well-made and affordable unit. This is a reliable and accurate model that gets excellent results. It is designed especially for your ease and comfort and is perfect for practically anyone. With this product, you can measure your blood pressure whenever and wherever you want to. It is ideal for anyone who needs to keep track of his or her blood pressure over time. To operate, you simply press start and it automatically inflates for quick and easy measurements every single time.

Overall Product Rating: ★★★★½


One of its most redeeming features is Digital Filter Technology (DFT). This uses a sensor to detect and isolate essential pulse isolation, eliminating other noise for the most accurate reading possible. It delivers quick and reliable measurements with no hassle. In addition, this feature works to avoid over-tightening, which can cause discomfort.

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This easy to use model is also equipped with a Color Confirmation System. This makes it easier than ever to read and interpret your results. There are three colors, which indicate hypertension, pre-hypertension, and normal. It has never been simpler to understand your blood pressure readings.

An elbow support and adjustable angle makes sure that each reading is correct and that the Panasonic EW3152W is comfortable to use. In addition, it has a two-person memory so that you and your husband or wife can both use the same machine. It is also equipped with a large LCD panel, making it exceptionally easy to read.

Panasonic EW3152W Blood Pressure Monitor Features

  • No cuff to wrap – just insert your arm
  • 3 color confirming system for easy reading
  • Two people x 90 memory with easy to read ¾-inch LCD numbers
  • Easy to use one touch on/off button
  • AC adapter and 4 “AA” batteries included
  • Wrist blood pressure monitor
  • Automatic memory with memory feature

Panasonic EW3152W Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor Reviews

The Panasonic EW3152W Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor received phenomenal reviews. Panasonic EW3152W Upper Arm Blood Pressure MonitorThis unit delivers fast and accurate results from the comfort of your own home.

It is exceptionally convenient to use and its simple operation makes it perfect for practically anyone.

This is a great way to keep track of your blood pressure and improve you overall health.

Customers love how sturdy this product is; it is very well made and will not wear out over time.

In addition to being well built, it is exceptionally compact. This unit will not take up a lot of room in your home.

Panasonic EW3152W Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor Review Summary

Overall, reviewers were impressed by this model and had nothing negative to say about it. However, one customer complained that this blood pressure monitor is not portable. Although it is a fairly small size, it is not designed for travel. In addition, it uses a lot of batteries. These were small issues that were not a problem for most people.

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Simply put, this is an excellent product. It works quickly and accurately every single time. This is a great addition to any home and is sure to make your life easier. You will love how well the Panasonic EW3152W Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor model works for you.

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